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The future with Windows 8


Microsoft's new operating system, Windows 8, will be formally released on October 26 and is a monumental shift from Windows as we know it. With its intuitive tiled interface and new search and share functions, Windows 8 means great things for touch and is an amazing opportunity for your business. Windows 8 is streamlined to run identically on all compatible platforms from tablets to PCs to mobile phones, with incredible potential for Microsoft® Pixelsense™ as well.

AFTER-MOUSE.COM has been using Windows 8 in development since September 2011 when the Developer Preview was released, and we have already created three incredible applications for the retail and real estate sectors, as well as an entertaining photo e-card application. With the advent of the Store for Windows 8 apps, this release is revolutionary for the 85% of the world that uses Windows.

With 690 million current Windows 7 users, there's no arguing that Windows 8 is the future. The platform is big, bold, easy to use, and AFTER-MOUSE.COM is at the forefront - let us help you take your business to the next level with Windows 8.

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